Some of the most simple inventions turn out to be the most revolutionary

IP is about creating new technologies for a better future

New discoveries deserve the best IP protection & strategy for exploitation

Distinctive brands and logos are beacons for business success

Protect your clever innovations before you tell the world

Technological advancement emerges from innovative thinking about how the pieces fit together

Solving a problem
can be a catalyst for creating new IP

ADVANCE IP is an intellectual property firm, serving clients in New Zealand, Australia, and globally. We collaborate with international networks of IP specialists providing strategic IP advice efficiently and professionally for local and global companies and businesses. We have a reputation for delivering commercially valuable IP solutions tailored to meet and exceed clients business aspirations.

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Trade Marks


Brands and logos are valuable assets for businesses.  A trade mark can enhance the reputation of a business...

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Inventors and IP investors should be rewarded for developing new and creative technologies and innovations....

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Industrial designers can protect original creative work with design registrations.

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Graphic designers, software developers, industrial engineers, artists and authors are creators of valuable copyright work.

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